At the core, the crisis of sex-trafficking is driven by the same supply-and-demand forces that influence any other market. Three years ago, a small group of guys in Portland, Oregon asked the question, “what if we could disrupt that market and make it more difficult for guys to buy sex online?” Turns out you canYou’ve received this link because you’re interested in doing the same thing in your community. This same group of Portland guys have pioneered a “virtual neighborhood watch” program that trains men like you how to engage online sex buyers at the point of sale.

This ground breaking initiative has had a measurable impact on the sexual exploitation of the vulnerable and has led to numerous arrests of highly active and predatory online sex buyers. Now its being launched in cities all across the country and we’re looking to recruit the Better Men of the Bay Area to join our ranks. Information meetings are being held in your area soon.

The video below captures the essence of our message to online sex buyers. Click on the city closest to you to reserve a spot and for more info